Suzhou Wanrun Insulation Materials Co., Ltd.



    Suzhou Wanrun Insulation Materials Co., Ltd. is located in Taicang City, Jiangsu Science and Technology Industrial Park, is committed to the development of electronic insulation materials, production, precision machining and sales. With the standardization of the plant and production and processing plant, in order to provide qualified products and services to meet the satisfaction of the introduction of large-scale automation hot press, cutting machine, precision grinding machine, engraving machine, large tonnage punching machine, a variety of equipment and testing Test equipment, while attracting first-class technical staff. Using Japan and Taiwan production and processing technology and experience and scientific management system.

  Company's products have passed a number of qualification, the current products in the PCB (rigid circuit boards). FPC (Flexible Circuit Board). Electrical switch. Stamping products pieces. Governance. Motor. Dry-type transformers and other industries using the recognition of large enterprises, the market has covered the Pearl River Delta region. Yangtze River Delta region and the vast northern market. At the same time some products are also exported to foreign countries.