Company introduction

    Suzhou Wanrun Insulation Material Co., Ltd. is located in Taicang Science and Technology Industrial Park, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province. We are one of the FR-4 epoxy board as the core, with research and development, production, processing and marketing of epoxy sheet and its raw materials prepreg (PP material) one-stop industrial chain manufacturing enterprises.With years of exploration and practice, combined with excellent integrity of the industrial chain, insulation materials industry has gradually established a stable foundation. 

    Since the beginning of Wanrun, we continue to regulate their own: standardized plant, advanced processing equipment, the pursuit of excellence work style, excellent and stable product quality. Widely praised by domestic and foreign customers, for the further development of a solid foundation.

    In order to meet the individual needs of our customers, the company established on the glue line automation, and has a sound detection equipment, at the source to protect the quality of raw materials. At the same time, combined with large and small hot press, cutting machine, precision grinding machine, engraving machine, large tonnage punching machine and other equipment to ensure that "private custom" can be maximized.

    Our company in 2016 has passed ISO9001 certification 2015 version, to ensure that products can be traced back, well documented, and has been through the CTI, SGS, CEMT and other third-party certification authority certification bodies. The products are widely used in electrical appliances, wind power, rail transportation, aviation, water conservancy projects, optical glass grinding, jig and many other industries, the market has covered the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta region and the vast northern market, while some products have been exported to foreign market.

    The product range includes: PP material, FR - 4 epoxy sheet, carbon crystal heating panel, G10, FR - 4 copper-clad laminated sheet , PCB drilling machine sheet (phenolic sheet), electricity boards, cold laminated sheet, anti-static synthetic stone, SMC sheet, acrylic sheet, etc.

    Wanrun spirit: broken and then legislation/ Brave to face the dilemma, active life

    Wanrun Mission: seeking self-professional, customer integrity, responsible for the product, open to the enterprise

    Service concept: quality first, to the customer

   Business philosophy: To quality to seek development, in good faith to win the world, become the domestic outstanding enterprises

Company introduction

Enterprise culture

Break then set、Born to die——Insulation materials industry customer satisfaction of enterprise

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